Tally ERP/Prime Customization Solutions

Tally Prime comes built with an incredible range of features, functions and capabilities required for business of varied sizes - be it small, medium or large. However, businesses irrespective of their size have their own unique processes and business problems, which can be effectively solved with simple solutions built on Tally Prime.

Using Tally's scripting language Tally Definition Language (TDL), the capabilities of Tally Prime can be dramatically extended to develop solutions for the most complex business problems.

Small list of customization offered on Tally Prime

  • Invoice Printing, Payment Advice Printing, Voucher Printing, etc. in pre-preprinted or plain formats
  • Various security related controls like Voucher Type wise Entry Control, control the table of selection based on users like Sales persons can view only Debtors Ledgers, etc.
  • Creation of multiple Approval Levels
  • Tracking the Voucher right from creation to details of last alteration like User Name, Reason for Altering, altered date, etc
  • Convert Multiple Delivery Notes (of a Party) to single Sales Invoice automatically (based on user selection in report displaying list of delivery notes pending)
  • User Specified reports

we work for your enterprise empathically

We have catered to many Corporate, Industrial Units, Retails, Pharmas and misctrades .

One thing that is similar in all industry types are Invoice Printing, Payment Advice Printing, Voucher Printing, etc. in pre-preprinted or plain formats Money Receipt, Sales/Job order Purchase order, terms & conditions in sales and purchase order, terms and conditions on second page in Orders, two logos in an invoice, etc.

You can rely on us To enhance and to provide a one stop solution for the customization of Stationary printing format.

Add-on module are small tdl which will enhance existing Tally.

Prime software by adding features which are required by most of the business organizations. This module contains features related to Controls & Securities, Banking, Invoicing, MIS and many other features which will help a customer to use the software more extensively.

Advantages of Addon Modules

  • Ready to use plug and play
  • Cost Effective
  • Immediate Result

Our Developers have workedextensively on multiple projects; we have developed some general modules which are mostly required by all industry types. Our Modules are upgraded & updated from time to time, suiting the current corporate culture, accounting and scenario basis.

These Module Customizations are well defined files which are integrated to Tally Systems. These Modules are specially tailor made to suit specific requirements in the Financial Management Structure and General Accounting.

Since its inception Intelligent Computer has been working towards providing solution suited to the specific needs of a particular business. In the long run we have developed many Industry specific, Vertical solutions viz. School, College, Hotel, Restaurants, Manufacturing industry, Medicine manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer etc to meet the specific demands of business.

At S S Software & Solutions, we work for your enterprise empathically, this allows us to settle with nothing but the most suitable and efficient solutions.

We are always willing to provide the best we have. Our Team’s suggestions, Inputs, feedback will immensely solve the most complex matters in Financial Accounting, Statutory & Taxation, Payroll, Stocks, Remote Systems or Synchronization.

Dedicated Customization is immensely suited to provide a complete solution to any issue in the Financial management of the Organization. This type of Customization is the trouble-shooter to all industry types. In Dedicated customization, we work on your enterprise's project considering gravity of the mismanagement and providing the robust output.

This targets the specific requirement as we initiate after understanding the complete scenario. It will be evident that through dedicated customization, we can bring about a level where your Tally Software is customized to such an extent so as to provide the best output you may desire.