Our Work

Business Advisory

We provide business Advisory Services to our customers through Business Analysis, Development Strategies, Creating and Changing Business Models and Business processes enhancement.

We also provide IT consultancy in softwares like Tally, Tally on Cloud, Data Backup, Data Security And Hardwares like Thin Client, CCTV Surveillance BioMetric, (NAS) Network Access Storage.

Business Analysis

It is a approach for Introducing and Managing change to Organizations.

Development Strategies

We provide development Strategies by knowing at the what stage development is needed helping the unaddressed clients through innovative ideas.

Creating and Changing Business Models

Our team provides comprehensive Support to Owners, executive Boards and managers In line with the following Approach through Implementation and Management.

Business Processes enhancement

With the softwares like Tally you can enhance your business Processes.Our great experts will help you in Customization of Tally.

Solutions We Provide

S S Software & Solutions leads a smart team of engineers who work round the clock to bring value to your business from day one with Tally Prime Implementation Service which is truly innovative and designed to optimise processes.